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  Laizhou Dingrong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is located in laizhou city,shandong province,China,which is specialized in developing and manufacturing all sorts of modular houses since established.It has cultivated a group of high-quality professional technicians and on-site installation team, providing all-dimensional services for customers with enterprising and pragmatic attitude.From project conception, design, manufacture, construction to installation, we will do the best of our ability to provide the most scientific,reasonable and effective solution for customers.     We have the most advanced manufacturing facilities of the container house,our self-developed products include flat pack container house,collapsible container house,folding container house,expandable container house,pitched roof collapsible container house.DINGRONG is committed to provide first-class quality and efficient pre-sale and after-sale services, which has taken good reputations from our customers around the world, such as Australia,New Zealand,USA, Canada,Chile,UK,Thailand,South Sudan,South Africa,Germany, United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Maldives,Vietnam,Philippines,Malay...



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