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shipping container garage for cars

  • prefab flat pack container garage for sale
prefab flat pack container garage for sale

prefab flat pack container garage for sale

  • payment terms:T/T,L/C
  • lead time:30 days
  • MOQ:1 set
  • design:customized
  • Product description: portable modular ready made outdoor prefab flat pack container garage for sale

portable container garage for sale with following advantage

1.  galvanized frame with powder coating for extra anti rust quality.

2.  strong  = main frame thickness is 2-3mm
3.  with bigger size
standard flat pack container house is W2.25*L5.8*H2.60m or W2.438*L6.055*H2.6m
our this kind container house is with bigger size W3M*L5.95M*H2.8M
4. doesn't need a crane for installation as the 3m X 5.95m container house
is totally disasembled to easy handled sections and all that is required is re assembly.
5.  they can be combined to make a bigger units or stacked 2-3 levels
6.  widely used for accormmodation,office,bathroom etc

7.Because of big promotion now, these container houses are with a very competitive price

specification of container garage for sale as follows

check our video on youtube as follows

1.techincal specification

wind load:170km/h
snow load:20cm dry snow
seismic load:7 grade
bearing load:150-200kg/m2
2.frame of collapsible container house
main top and bottom frame,post is 2.3mm galvanized frame with power coating,which is hard to get rusted
top and bottom are all bolt connection which makes the house take less space in container,and don't need crane to install

3.wall&roof of collapsible container house

50mm eps sandwich panel is standard material for wall
optional thickness 75mm,100mm.optional insulation glass wool,rock wool,polyuranthane
prefabricated ready made contaienr homes duplex house plans photo

MGO board works as the bottom floor tile
and PVC tile,carpet or wood floor and be added on top of MGO board
prefabricated ready made contaienr homes duplex house plans photo

5.window and door of collapsible container house.
standard window:PVC sliding window single glazed
swing window,and double glazed type is also available
standard door:steel security door
glass hinged and sliding door is also available
prefabricated ready made contaienr homes duplex house plans photo

6.electricity,plumbing furniture.
electricity:we sugguest you buy locally
plumbing and furniture:can supply according to your request


1.What is the MOQ ?
1 unit
2.Can I mix different designs? 
3.Can you give me discount if i order more?
Yes,because if you order more,the labor cost&delivery will be cheaper
4.Can you do it for me according to my request ?
Yes, customized design is welcome
5.When you ship my order?
Normally 20-40days after receiving your payment, but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule.
6.How about the quality guarantee period?
One year!
7.How can you guarantee the production quality ?
Our production quality follow ISO,CE standard.We have 15years experience of QC team. We have strictly quality control system in our production process. We have 4 times inspection for each finished product before package Third part inspection accepxable.


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