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Advantages of Container Houses and their Manufacturer’s Construction Process

The cost of container houses is very low. Coupled with the rise of container homestays, the profit margins of container homestays are greater than those of traditional private construction projects. 

So what are the advantages of container homestays, and what is the construction process of container house manufacturers?


The main advantages of container houses:

1. Flexibility: Taking advantage of the modular characteristics of containers, it can be constructed quickly and flexibly;

2. Rust resistance: The container frame is galvanized + powder coating. Compared with ordinary steel structures, it has excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance;

3. Approval: As a temporary building, the approval process for container houses is relatively simple;

4. Exquisite: Although the sparrow is small, through clever and reasonable design, the container house can also meet various daily needs;

5. Personality: The appearance design is more creative and more lovable



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