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how we do water proof for detachable container house building

1.before installation of roof panel,please install the rubber seal firstly

2.after installation of one panel,please fix it to U channel using self drilling screw,each corrugated place with one screw

3.after installation of one panel,please use sealant for the connection place

4.at end of each panel,use structural adhesive firstly then use styrofoam sealant

5.after finish installation,if you want to move the house from one place to another place,please lift the top 4 points instead of 2 points

if not strictly as this instruction,there is chance that the house will leak.
we have solution to make sure the house is 100% water proof although the installation is not well done
put extra single sheet panel on top

want to know how to install detachable container house building?check the video as follows



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