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water proof for china prefab 20ft folding foldable mobile container house home

folding foldable mobile container house home is very popular now,because it is fast installation,just lift it up.two workers can install one unit in 10 minutes.the size is W2.5M*L5.8M*H2.45M.

when you don't use it ,can fold it to flat pack type for easier storage,the folding size is W2.5*L5.8*H0.5M

there are many folding container house in the market,some clients will ask how to choose the suitable type?in our opinion,for foldable container homes,water proof is the fist thing.if the manufactures don't have the special structure,just weld the hinges to do folding structure ,the water is very easy to flow in.

for our folding house,the frame is not just common tube steel,it is special type steel as follows,they combine tightly.and when you unfold it,one piece steel component is higher,water will never flow in



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